Omar Rodriguez Lopez at Vive Latino
Los Chidos - a film by Omar Rodriguez Lopez , poster art by Sonny Kay

Happy Birthday Omar

Happy Birthday to my friend, partner and continual inspiration Omar Rodriguez Lopez. It’s been great to have someone in my world that shares my love of creative freedom.  Ain’t no mountain high enough I wouldn’t climb for you and it’s been an honor and a pleasure to help you share all those drops in that bucket of yours. Keep creating. Much love. XOXO - CP

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“My concept of God is much different than someone who was raised to see God as someone to fear and obey. From a very early age, it was made clear to me that the inner voice is God and I am God….Whatever shape you give it in your mind, that’s what it is. It’s knowing that you pertain to something, that you are part of something and it’s not just the “I” - there’s something bigger you’re connected to.”  
Omar Rodríguez López
1.”Soledad y Silencio” - 4:50 2.”No Hay más Respuestas” - 4:01 3.”Victimas del Cielo” - 7:43 4.”Corazón” - 3:42 5.”De Piedra” - 2:38 6.”Infiel Hasta la Muerte” - 4:31 7.”Nada de Amor” - 5:25 8.”Carne de Perro” - 2:26Personal: Lisa Papineau – Vocales y Letras 1 y 7 Ximena Sariñana – Vocales y Letras 2, 3, 4, 5 y 6 Omar Rodríguez-López – Guitarra, Piano, Synths Juan Alderete de la Peña – Bajo Marcel Rodríguez-López – Bateria, Organo, Piano, SynthsDownload: (Nuevo Link)
Bootleg: Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group Live At The Troubadour, Los Angeles CA 09.14.2010Personal:Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Guitarra, Teclados, Manipulador de Sonido, Vocales
Marcel Rodriguez Lopez - Teclados, Manipulador de Sonido Deantoni Park - Bateria Lars Stalfors - Secuencia, Teclados, Manipulador de Sonido Ximena Sariñana Rivera - Vocales Download (Original Link):