Modeselektor Feat. Thom Yorke‎ - Shipwreck (MONKEYTOWN018) [EP] (2011)
01. Shipwreck Feat. Thom Yorke (Radio Edit)
02. Dull Hull Download
Happy Birthday Thom!

NPR’s Guy Raz asked how the band reinvents themselves every time and how the band approach every album. Thom Yorke: “We’re not trying to be experimental or anything. When I first started doing demo’s on my own, I was quite a good imitator. I see it in my daughter, she’s the same. You’re constantly learning from other music and then there’s that Lennon thing about it, ‘It’s not who you steal from, it’s how you steal.’


Boiler Room. 11/10/11.

No alarms and no surprises, please.

Thom Yorke - The Twist

Thom Yorke has unveiled a new solo track entitled ‘The Twist’. The frontman revealed the new track during a one-off DJ set on XFM last night (September 15).

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