Hey fellas, I recorded some basses and guitars for this EP with a local homie, hope you guys dig.
Puerto Real - El mundo es un barco y se hunde
Free download

mr. ioso - Walkin Thru b.o

This is a song I made like 3 years ago

Todosantos - Aeropuerto (2005)

Kitsune Maison Compilation 11: The Indie-Dance Issue [Compilation] (2011)
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Joudy Ju - P.U.T.A

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Pierre Dal Corso for Fiasco Magazine

nomeolvides - …y el cielo te espera

Rocker Broders "Homemade Shit EP" // Download for free here >>>

hey fellas, this is my band “nomeolvides” hope u enjoy this track, it is called “infinito”.

La Vida Boheme - Radio Capital (mr. ioso remix) / download it.

La Vida Boheme - Radio Capital (mr. ioso remix) by mr. ioso