The Face of Genius by René Magritte, 1926. Oil on canvas, 75 x 65 cm.

Y los médanos, serán témpanos
en el vértigo, de la eternidad.
Y los pájaros, serán árboles
en lo idéntico, de la soledad.

The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.

Once the storm is over you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.


Paintings by Hikari Shimoda.

Damien Hirst

‘God Knows Why’, 2005

Glass, painted stainless steel, silicone, oak, stainless steel, sheep and formaldehyde solution

2568 x 2066 x 1765 mm | 101.1 x 81.4 x 69.5 in

Whenever we manage to love without expectations,
calculations, negotiations, we are indeed in heaven.